A Time To Soar

Gratitude is more than just an attitude; it’s a way of being. it wasn’t that long ago that my way of being in this world changed. I can’t pinpoint a particular catalyst, but I know that a little over three and a half ago I was living a life of negativity, and self pity; I was completely focused on what I perceived was the scarcity of my life, and in that awful place something had been building for quite a while, this bewilderment of what had become of my life, my dreams, my hopes, my sense of wonderment, and vitality. I felt stuck in the mire and morass of discontent. Little did I know that this feeling of discontent was a gift, and would become the birthplace of who I am today.

I couldn’t bear it one moment longer. I was miserable and I knew something had to change. It was around that time that I began reading Brene Brown’s work, and her words struck a tremendous chord. Her work regarding vulnerability, shame, and wholehearted living resonated deeply within me; at the same time I began a practice of meditating on a daily basis, and somehow I had found the missing link in my life, that which would enable me to shake off the negativity that was eroding my life, and included people and attitudes. No longer was I going to let negative people influence my life. As for attitude; it was well past time to get off the pity pot, and time to stop looking at everything I didn’t have, and start being grateful for all I do have. There’s a lot to be grateful for!

And so I chose to walk out of my former way of being and embrace a life of fulfillment and joy. I left my job of seventeen years to go back to school to get certified in coaching. I walked away from an unhealthy relationship two days before Christmas. I picked up the pieces, brushed myself off and joyfully set about rebuilding my life from the inside out, a life I had almost forgotten I had ever dreamed of living.

I have wanted to be a Certified Life Coach for as long as I knew the profession existed, but in my former life believed it was an unattainable dream, a fairy-tale – WRONG! I did some research and found the perfect school of coaching for me; I found iPEC. What a wonderful journey it has been. I knew I was home before the first in person weekend module was over. I found my people, my tribe. We spoke the same language, and it is a language of the heart. I know because I can hear my heart sing!

Yes, there are still times of self doubt and moments of uncertainty, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I am doing and who I am today are in full alignment with my values and self worth. I have found and am living my purpose.

I am surrounded by people who support and believe in me; people who are positive and are making a mark in their own lives as well as the lives of others. No more negative people for me! While it’s wonderful being surrounded by people who believe in me, even more importantly I believe in me.

I started this article with a statement about gratitude being a way of life. It is, and for me it has to happen every day, or I can easily start slipping back into that negative place. I need to acknowledge on a daily basis all that I am grateful for, from something as simple as being able to put both feet on the floor as I awaken from a good night’s sleep, the blessing of having my son and wonderful people in my life along with my two little feline girls, to something as profound as finding and living my life’s purpose. So now I am a Coach, a Speaker, and a Facilitator.

I am not young (though I’m young at heart), I am in my fifties, and can honestly say it’s never too late to change, to experience: love, joy, fulfillment, a sense of wonderment, vitality, abundance, passion, and gratitude. It doesn’t mean life is perfect or I don’t encounter challenges, but I have developed resiliency, I don’t stay stuck and it makes a huge difference in my perspective and way of life!

Where are you my friend? Would you like to forge a new future? Wouldn’t you like to soar with the wings of a majestic eagle?

It’s possible – Anything and Everything is possible!

Leslie Evans

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