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Client Feedback

At Leslie Evans Global, we believe in finding the perfect fit for you with regard to the areas of your life that our experts can help you improve.
This is why we have an opportunity for you to have a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION with Leslie Evans herself, to help identify how and when we can help you grow and be the best version of yourself.
As a part of the one-on-one coaching with Leslie Evans Global, you can choose any of the following packages that suit you best:

For 12 Sessions over 90 Days


For 24 Sessions over 180 Days


For 24 Sessions over 180 Days

Every Step Matters


If powwowing with a tribe of people just like you is your thing, you’re in the right place!
With our Mastermind session cycles at L.E.G, we bring together individuals who are in different areas of life and at different points in their journey – connected by a common urge to make an effort on themselves and live their best life – and enable them to network and grow together.
In a collaborative model that then enables our participants to share content, ideas and tools via discussions and learning with peers – Mastermind is our effort to give back to the feeling of being the community we are: a bunch of everyday people, on the way to living extraordinary lives and adventures in the every day.
NOTE: Every Cycle of Mastermind lasts for 90 days and members are welcome to attend a single session as a trial but encouraged to attend a complete cycle from beginning to end.

Keynote topics

Invite Leslie to Speak at your organization / institution and experience the power of motivation through anecdotes from a life lived across times and circumstances, with a story of never giving up.
Diversity & Inclusion
Your Story Matters!

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Personal Development
Overcoming Adversity
From Failure to Success
Workplace Relations
Client Management
Do you have what it takes?

The Business Upscale Toolkit

If you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner who would like to out-source some of your work while you focus on the operations and innovations of your actual business, we’d be happy to help you by taking some of the content and creation work off your plate!

NOTE: Each of these services are chargeable based on the size of the project.
Brand Collateral

Logo, Posters, Brand Standees, Branding Work and more

Creative Consultation

Let's Leverage Your Brand and It's Offerings, Just Right!

Creative Tools

Visuals, Written Content, Media and more

Business & Personal Assessment

Comprehensive Business and Personal Assessment For You and Your Brand

Business Tools

Accountability, Accountancy, Talent Management and more

Branding & Brand Audit

Assessing the Story of the Business and Assessing Areas of Improvement

Social Media Marketing

Make the most of the internet as a market-place and get leads and customers from anywhere in the world!

Website Development

Optimize your online presence with a website that truly represents You and Your Brand.

Creative Outsourcing

For anything you or your brand might need an extra few pairs of hands for, we can help help you find someone to help!

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