Have you been alive for four decades? Most of the team writing this hasn’t, but if you have,
good for you!

Why are we asking, though? It’s simple: Four decades is the chronology testified span of
experience Leslie Evans comes with!

Wait – you think we’re joking? We solemnly swear on the W-4.. we are not!

Spanning industries that include but are not limited to healthcare, telecommunications, education and others, across different verticals and roles, Leslie Evans began her journey as a coach and
mentor in 1984. Infected by what we like to call the “Giving Back Bug” here at the L.E.G
office, a significant part of Leslie’s work has also been in working with at risk youth.

At this point, we hear you asking, “But how did it all begin?” – which is why we want to take
you back in time, but just a little. It all began when Leslie came to a point in her own journey
where she stumbled upon the greatest lesson she would ever learn: that each of us has infinite
potential that often goes untapped!

This is why she made it her life’s mission to help and guide as many people as she could –
through the many obstacles of a course she knows all too well herself: the obstacle course of
being an entrepreneur and running a business.

Leslie Evans Global is thus, an initiative to enable and empower people like you, to make the
most of the skills and tools we are privileged to have – because why would anyone like you,
waste a single minute on anything else, right? Let’s get going!


The LEG Community

If you had to pick between people who are close to you but don’t necessarily support you and people who don’t really care for you but are there for you to count on to get things done, what would you pick?

Take a minute… Have your answer?

Good – then continue reading.

More often than not, we see entrepreneurs and business people in companies face this dilemma – and at L.E.G, we truly think this trade-off SUCKS!

The question, “Why should there have to be a choice between the two? Why can’t we have both!” led us to create the L.E.G Community – a safe space for driven, positive individuals who love to support each other, collaborate when possible and help each other flourish!

Why? Because gone are the days when businesses and people were immersed in a rat race where we had to outdo one another, simply because we could – or worse, we thought we must!

From L.E.G, we’re here to bring to the forefront, a new legion of business men and women who collaborate instead of compete so that we are at a win-win as much as we can; as often as we can!

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