“I was a manager with Verizon when Leslie worked there and I had the pleasure of working with her and having her on my team many times. Leslie has an amazing work ethic and consistently strives to excel at any task she is given. She always found ways to make or exceed her objectives and she was a pleasure to have on my team. Leslie was chosen often to work with new hires in Verizon’s Academy Bay and was a leader at coaching and developing new employees. She was also an inspiration to her peers and frequently did peer coaching to help others meet their goals. Leslie would be a great addition to any team.”

Daniel Dischino, Manager, Client Enablement at Fuze


“I would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse Leslie Evans for your personal or executive coaching needs. Leslie brings a unique blend of real life experience along with a true passion for mentoring, which has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. Being an effective leader takes time, desire and hard work. If you are ready to put in the effort, I can assure you that working with Leslie Evans will produce positive results.” She is empathetic, opens your mind to new insights, and she deeply cares for each of her clients. She is patient, highly skilled and has the uncanny ability to help you find the answers within yourself.”

Jamie Sandidge, Sales and Marketing Leader


“Leslie is very devoted to helping every client become their ideal ‘who’. Her personality is truly electrifying, it is not common today to find such a strong woman with her sense of integrity, commitment, and ability to connect with others her passion and knowledge of Life Coaching is encouraging and captivating. It truly has been a pleasure working with Leslie for the past couple of months and I look forward to keeping in touch with her.”

Michelle Merwin, CPC


“I highly recommend Leslie as an expert in life transition coaching , she has great spirits to support her thoughts in the coaching process to help customers get out of critical life setbacks & critical events .

Her endless motivated spirits can encourage you to open doors of questions and discover opportunities to solve problems and get better life options.
I highly recommend Leslie as life expert who can support in life transitions”

Ghadeer Odeh, MBA


“I recommend Leslie Evans without reservation. She has the heart and soul of a winning coach – tough, smart, perceptive, compassionate and wise through experience. Leslie does not lose, and with her on your side, you cannot lose either.”

Shelli Scott, Attorney


“Quite frankly the reasons I recommend Leslie as a coach are the same reasons she is my partner in my global business.

She puts others before herself
She doesn’t think outside of the box, she lives outside of it.
Her dream is to help others achieve their dreams.
She communicates, which is an absolute must for any leader.
Sometimes she drinks a little too much coffee and works too hard.
Small price to pay for being passionate about all she does.”

Michael Page, Sales and Marketing Professional